Member Companies

List current as of 11/26/23
10 Tanker Air Carrier
ARC Aviation of Texas LLC
AerialFire Magazine
Aero-Flite, Inc.
Africa Fire Mission
Air Charter Safety Foundation
Air Tractor
Billings Flying Service
Blazetamer USA
Bridger Aerospace
CO Fire Aviation
Coastal Air Strike
Collective Strategies & Communications
Courtney Aviation
Dauntless Air
Department of Natural Resources
Effectus PLLC
Erikson Auto Tanker
Fire Boss
FireHawk Helicopters
Fortress North America, LLC
G.B. Aerial Applications, Inc.
Gold Aero
Heli-1 Corporation
Helitak Firefighting Equipment
Hillsboro Aviation
International Association of Wildland Fire
KIT Helicopter Operations
Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency Inc.
Marin County Fire Department
McDermott Avaition
Mountain West Helicopters
National Wildfire Suppression Association
Neptune Aviation Services
New Frontier Aviation
Orora Technologies
Overwatch Imaging
Oxerra Americas
PJ Helicopters
Perimeter Solutions
Phos-Chek Chile Limitada
Ponderosa Aviation
Recoil Aerospace, Inc.
Resolute ISR, Inc.
Resource Advantage Group, Inc.
Rutledge Airborne Applications
Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
Tangent Link
Timberline Helicopters
Trac Plus
Trotter Controls
Universal Avionics
Western Pilot Service, Inc.