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Become a UAFA member today and be invited to participate in the Government & Industry Advisory Committee (GIAC) or the Membership Committee. These committees are the driving force behind setting priorities and initiatives for the organization, and your participation ensures your company has a voice at the table.

The membership period for UAFA is by calendar year and member companies are divided into three categories: Corporate, Affiliate, and Partner. Membership dues are based on your company’s average gross revenue of the proceeding 3-years.


Companies who own or lease aircraft, UAVs, Drones and operate them, or provide aerial delivered suppressants and/or retardants under contract with federal or state governmental entities for aerial firefighting services.
Tier 1: $30M - $100M ($40,000 Membership Dues)
Tier 2: $20M - $30M ($30,000 Membership Dues)
Tier 3: $10M - $20M ($10,000 Membership Dues)
Tier 4: $5M - $10M ($5,000 Membership Dues)
Tier 5: $1.5M - $5M ($2,500 Membership Dues)
Tier 6: Less than $1.5M ($1,500 Membership Dues)
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Companies that support the aerial firefighting industry including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), insurance companies, healthcare providers, and stakeholders that are for profit entities.
Tier 1: Greater than $10M ($5,000 Membership Dues)
Tier 2: Less than $10M ($2,500 Membership Dues)
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Nonprofits associated with aerial firefighting services, as well as federal, state, tribal and international land management and fire agencies.
No Membership Dues *
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*Corporate Members and Affiliate Members shall be voting members of UAFA, and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and all committees.
*Partner Members can participate in committees, but are not voting members and are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.